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Click here to see what you are missing! On VIA's site, it has a link to discount fares: For those that have followed VIA and discount prices, 2 questions: Or is it for booking itineraries that depart on Tuesdays? Or is this an expired offer that Google's webcrawlers are still reporting as a ghost offer?

VIA Discount Tuesdays - Sleeper fares: Irresistible travel discounts | VIA Rail

This seems like a pretty reasonable fare, though spending 4 nights on a coach seat isn't really my idea of a relaxing travel experience Any thoughts on this? Ted, formerly of BC. Edited 1 time s. At night you are able to lock your door from the inside. Cabin for Two — A cabin for two consists of upper and lower beds which are replaced with chairs during the day.

The cabin comes with a bathroom with a toilet and everything else that is included in a cabin for one. The room is cosy, and the beds are quite comfortable. Cabin for Two with Shower — Basically this is the same as a cabin for two, but the bathroom has a shower head. This type of cabin is only available on the Ocean line. The cabin is very spacious during the day and comes complete with three beds for during the night. The amenities are exactly the same as a cabin for two. Cabin for Four — A cabin for four is basically two cabins for two where the wall between the cabins has been removed. This is meant to be the ultimate luxury class for VIA Rail, with newly renovated cabins featuring a modular L-shaped leather sofa, private washroom with a shower, LCD TV, and a dedicated concierge.

Similar to Sleeper Plus class, all meals are included with Prestige class fare.

That being said, this class also includes the cost of alcohol and snacks, which is available for a charge to those in Economy and Sleeper Plus classes. VIA Rail Canada offers special fares for youth passengers ages 12 to Yay for being young and travelling across Canada! Escape fares are even lower than those of the adult escape fares.

This pass is available to adults, seniors, youth, and children. This pass is used for Economy seats only, and available for 7 one-way trips, 10 one-way trips, or unlimited travel, all within 60 days. The cost breakdown is as follows:. That is a fabulous deal. Express deals are for trains servicing the Canadian line Toronto — Vancouver.

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The trick to booking these deals is that you needed to be flexible and able to travel within a couple days in order to take advantage of the deals. That is a mind-blowing deal.

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This is standard across all trains. Here are some ideas:. Cheaper and more filling that way. Here are some additional resources to help you plan the perfect Canadian trip — no matter what your budget may be.

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Travel for infants under the age of 2 is free. To show our support and gratitude, VIA Rail is a proud partner of the military and their families. VIA Rail is committed to fostering the economic and social development of communities across Canada. Stay tuned for our latest news and learn about our lowest fares, other discounted getaways and weekend packages. Prices change due to seat availability and demand.

There are some periods of the year when demand is simply higher. If a lot of people have to travel somewhere at the same time and especially when they want to go to the same destination or area , prices will rise. Christmas and Thanksgiving are good examples of busy times.

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Transportation companies train, airlines, etc. Generally over time, fares on a particular train will rise as more seats are booked and more fare levels are closed. Even during the same day, prices are dynamic and can vary widely by train.

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There is no set fare for a particular destination or route. Fares vary depending on: With our promotional prices, we sometimes offer special rates for trips that fall within specific parameters such as certain days, routes or destinations. Download the mobile app. Book Skip to next menu item.

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